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What Will Be The Main Features Of Road Lights?

  • What Would be the Main Features of Street Lights?

    Street lights or street lamps are helpful as they simply illuminate roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, along with other public areas where people gather. Apart from improving driving safety, street lights also enhance the safety of an internet website by improving vision in poor light conditions. Most of these street lights are sometimes brought into use other traffic safety equipment that enhances visibility and removes all of the obstacles in darkened areas. You should realize the primary function of street lights is to illuminate rooms or objects that may preferably be in darkness or out from focus, especially at night.

    If you're struggling to differentiate street lights from several light sources, take a look at some of the basic features used to recognize them.


    You'll want to understand that street lights are typically manufactured from metals similar to aluminum which might be corrosion resistant. Alternatively, a few of these street lights are produced from a robust plastic material such as polyethene. The LED street light manufacturers have already been factoring in the issue of withstanding outdoor elements when trying to get materials to craft these lights. Many of them are pole-mounted on either existing utility poles or dedicated poles.


    The following are a few of the specifications used to differentiate street lights from different sources of light.

    Operating temperature 

    This refers back to the optimal temperature that these lights operate. This specification is crucial for all outdoor lamps. The lamps are frequently helpful at night. Therefore, for most, these lamps operate at inadequate temperature of up to 2 degrees Celsius. The producers have significantly factored in the fact that the lights may be installed in areas that experience winter seasons each year.


    This can be a measure of the magnitude of light produced by each lamp.  There will be street lamps that can deliver light into a circumference of up to 100m. Such light is essential in illuminating more oversized items which would somewhat be darkened at night. Most public spaces, such as open markets, rely on this brightness to go on with transacting even at night.

    Other Features

    Photo-sensor Activation

    The majority of street lamps contain an in-built photo sensor that insure the lamp is only on in low light conditions. Basically, the manufacturers of those lamps could have been critical in being sure that all of the lamps operate only during the night or in cities wherein the lighting is poor. The LED lights don't function effectively during the day.

    Integrated Solar Panel

    Most LED street lights are installed with a solar panel which helps in generating backup power hence reducing the operational costs incurred. Quite simply, instead of using electricity, most manufacturers setup a solar panel in the lighting system to provide the required energy. Such lights have added advantages, especially those that operate in areas that experience no less than 10 hours of sunlight. The light source usually recharges its batteries and uses the energy to offer light at night. This type system is the vital thing in ensuring the street light illuminates an area throughout the year.

    Bottom Line

    Street lights are a vital method to obtain illumination in government departments areas that might preferably be darkened at night.