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What's the Time Taken to Write a book?

  • An aspiring author recently called me to explore writing coaching to help him write his book. He wondered about hiring a ghostwriter. I am all for writing my book myself. Too many people have had to hire ghostwriters and disappointed. Even the most intelligent people can create an engaging, compelling style with the help of a coach or editor. If you haven't received solid professional help, or if you don't have time to write, the only reason you should hire a ghostwriter. creating a book

    This person did not have much time. His question was critical. He was unsure if he would have the time or energy to write the book. Writing a book can take many years. I've known people who have written books in just weeks. In my book writing classes, some students have a first draft within eight or ten weeks. Some don't finish the book at all, while others can take several months to complete their book. It is possible to write a book in 8 weeks.

    It will be easier to write and a better book if you take the time to define your goals, market or audience, book concept, features, tone, how it fits with current literature, and outline your book. How fast you write a book also depends on how much time you commit per week. It doesn't necessarily mean you will be able write your book in the same time frame as someone who works full-time. Sometimes, people who work hard are the best at making the most their 30 to 90 minutes each day that they have to write a book. create book

    While I can't predict the time it will take to complete your book, I do know that those who make regular writing appointments in and stick to them (often with the support a writing buddy, book coach, or a class on book writing) can often predict when their first draft will be ready after a few weeks. This proud author wrote his book in record time. He swears that he didn't hire ghostwriters. You might be wondering how long it would take to write your book. I suggest that you spend some time to understand the market, plan the book, and then you can start writing for 2 to 3 weeks. See how much work you accomplish each week if you are consistent with your weekly schedule. Then you can project the time it will take for you to finish your book.